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Bellville Tile is here to provide the great people of Bellville, Texas with a quality option for your tiling needs. No more flaky contractors to deal with, you have Bellville Tile. A team of your neighbors that you can rely on! Our prices will beat out the flooring stores and our quality will beat out the competition.

Bellville Tile
Pride of Workmanship

Frustrated with ‘Con’tractors?

  • Are you tired of chasing down contractors?
  • Are you tired of prices that seem to be moving targets throughout the job?
  • Are you tired of being hounded to pay every Friday?
  • Hate having to hope the installer will actually speak English well enough to understand your vision?

Bellville Tile has Solutions

  • We answer our phones or reply in a timely manner!
  • We set a price with you and we write that price down!  It will never change!
  • We only expect to be paid once the job is complete.
  • Our installers speak English fluently!  In fact it is their first language!

Flooring, Kitchen, and Bathroom

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How We Work

Call us at 713-249-3762 for a free quote anytime. We will come out to see your project and give you an accurate quote on the cost to install your tile. Once we set a price, we won’t alter that price.

You buy the tile and float and we will buy the other supplies: grout, thin set, spacers, etc…  This saves you from having to worry about cost as we will only charge you the cost we quote!

0% change in price at Bellville Tile!


Call now for a free quote or to schedule a free flooring and/or tile consultation: 713-249-3762

What to Expect from Other Installers

At Bellville Tile we respect the hard work our competitors put in, but before we were installers, we were their customers… We have seen shoddy work, quotes that seem to change on the fly, and salesman who speak English replaced with installers that have no interest in understanding you or your vision of the perfect job!

We want make sure – you feel like you have just dealt with family

Other installers set their prices high and pay for the materials themselves (not the tile and grout) and the make a killing off of you being ignorant of the actual cost of the supplies they need for the job.  Your lack of industry knowledge is their gain…  At Bellville Tile we strive to ensure that you are well educated on where you can save the most money.  We want make sure that when we are done our job you feel like you have just dealt with family, not a scam artist!

We want to you to be so happy that you will tell your friends and neighbors who we are. In return, we at Bellville Tile promise to work on your home like it was ours. We want to see your face light up when you see the job we have completed for you!

Our Recommendations

When it comes to undertaking a new flooring project we recommend the following steps:

  1. Get a flooring quote from Bellville Tile
  2. Find tile you like at Home Depot or Lowe’s and write down the prices
  3. Visit a flooring store and get their prices for the the tile and the installation
  4. Now compare all of your options:
  • Using Bellville Tile and big store (Home Depot and/or Lowe’s) bought tile
  • Using Bellville Tile and flooring store tile (yes, you can buy their tile without their installation)
  • Using the flooring store for materials and labor

We know that one of the first two options will always result in a lower total cost and you can rely on the reputation of Bellville Tile to ensure that your job is completed correctly and to your high standards!

Want to Complete Your Project like the Pros?

How would we complete a flooring, bathroom, or kitchen project? We’d buy our tile from one of the big guys like Home Depot or Lowe’s and then use Bellville Tile to get expert local workmanship.


Call now for a free quote or to schedule a free flooring and/or tile consultation: 713-249-3762

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