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At Bellville Tile we want you to know a little about our amazing town, Bellville, Texas!  Please read on below!
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About Bellville, Texas

From Wikipedia:

Bellville is a city in the U.S. state of Texas and the seat of Austin County. The city’s population was 4,097 at the 2010 census.[3] Bellville was named for Thomas B. Bell, one of Stephen F. Austin’s earliest colonists, after he and his brother James Bell donated land for the new county seat established by voters in 1846. The original county seat was located in San Felipe.

We are proud of the area in which we live. Bellville is a quiet town where neighbors seem to retain that same respect for one another from yester-year… It is the town you see in movies, where neighbors still wave to one another as they pass in the street. A place where business meetings still take place at the local bakery.

We are proud to serve our neighbors in Bellville, Texas with all of their tile and flooring needs!

Please read below for more about our wonderful town!

From Texas Escapes, Bellville’s Historical Marker from 1999 reads:

Brothers Thomas and James Bell came to this area from Florida in 1822 with Stephen F. Austin’s colony and acquired about 2,000 acres of land in 1837. Thomas Bell offered a portion of his land at this site for a new townsite to replace San Felipe as the county seat; his offer was accepted by voters in 1846.

Pioneers from such faraway places as England, Germany, Connecticut, Maryland and Georgia were drawn to the new town, which was platted in 1848 and soon called Bellville by popular vote.

A courthouse and jail were erected in 1848 and Bellville’s first hotel opened in 1849. Within ten years, the booming town boasted about fifteen businesses. The Civil War left the town nearly deserted, and as in many similar Texas towns it was difficult to rebuild during the Reconstruction era. Positive growth began about 1877 as new business ventures took root. In 1880 the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway arrived in Bellville, and the population doubled rapidly. The Episcopal and German Methodist churches organized about 1881, and the Bellville Standard newspaper was established in 1882. A telephone company began operations and a library was established by 1886.

Cotton production rose in the late 1890s and more than 10,000 bales were shipped each growing season. By the turn of the century Bellville was thriving both culturally and economically. Oil replaced cotton as the area’s major industry in 1915 when black gold was discovered around Bellville. Development of local oil fields further spurred the town’s growth and continued to help support Bellville throughout the 20th century.

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Newman Castle (yes it is real!):
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The Texas State Capitol:

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