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Bellville flooring projects that are completed by Bellville Tile are always completed immaculately and with care and attention to detail beyond our competition.

Bellville Flooring


We will guarantee our price or match our competition!


At Bellville Tile we almost made Bellville Flooring our name… But we really can do so much more.

Bellville Flooring – Bellville Tiles Solution to your Flooring Needs

We will start by discussing your vision. After all, if we cannot meet your expectations then we should be there. This conversation will include the tile you plan to use, the grout color, the grout spacing you desire, the pattern you’d like to achieve, etc…

After talking to you and understanding exactly what you want we will move on to a quote. The quote for Bellville flooring is based on square footage almost exclusively. There may be some factors that raise or lower the labor price slightly, but we like to think that you can count on quotes that are very competitive within thBellville Tiling - Bellville Flooringe industry. Locally, we will guarantee our price or match our competition!

Once we have a plan to meet your expectations and an agreed upon price for the labor we will help you with purchasing supplies. We will have you purchase the tile and grout or tell us which tile and grout you’d like and we can pick it up for you. We will then purchase the remainder of the supplies (spacers, thin set, float, etc…) and keep the receipts. We don’t mark up any of our supplies, that is a free service to you, so that you don’t need to worry about the small details.  We recommend you look at tile from sites like this, or this.

In the end, you will have a completed project, the flooring looking immaculate, and the costs as expected.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Call us now for a free quote at 713-249-3762!

Bellville Flooring Tips

Bellville flooring consumers might like to check out these websites so that they are aware of what tiling a room, house, or patio involves:

Bellville Flooring Quality

At Bellville Tile we know that when you need tile work done, you want it done right.  Quality and attention to detail are important to us when we are doing Bellville flooring jobs.  We know that you will see and use our work everyday and we don’t take our jobs lightly.  We expect to have you there each night checking up on the latest work and we want you to be impressed each and every day!Bellville Flooring - Bellville Tile


 Bellville Flooring Competition

In Bellville flooring is not an easy trade to find good workmanship for.  We know that you will be impressed with us and pass our name along to others.  Just to show you how confident we are we want you to have the names and web addresses of our competitors!

We know that your quotes from them will be higher for less quality and if we are wrong then we will match their price!

Call now for a free quote or to schedule a free flooring and/or tile consultation: 713-249-3762