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Bellville Tile installers are the premier Bellville flooring installers. We put Quality and Safety first in every job.

Bellville Flooring Installers - Bellville Texas - Bellville Tile

What sets us apart from other Bellville Flooring Installers

We think we are different. We are certain that you will experience that difference. We set ourselves apart with this one easy thought:

If you put Quality and Safety first, then Time and Cost will take care of themselves!

We know that Time and Cost are critically important, but we are committed to the mindset that if we work with a constant eye on Quality and make Safety a priority, then Time and Cost will be driven downwards.

Bellville Flooring Installers - Bellville Texas - Bellville TileSafety is not only important for the obvious reason of keeping everyone safe, but it also mitigates the issue of medical bills, legal fees, and most importantly liability.


Other Bellville flooring installers are only committed to getting the job done as quickly as possible. While we couldn’t agree more that a fast job is important, we know that we are much safer than our competition.

We aim to reduce your liability and cost by focusing on Quality and Safety in everything we do!

We can nearly guarantee that you will not see our competitors using safety equipment (earplugs, earmuffs, gloves, safety glasses, etc…) while working. All this does is leave you with a lot of liability. If they get hurt, you could be sued in a big way!

Besides, we can only image… If the safety of their Bellville flooring installers is not important to them, then how important is the quality of the job or the condition they leave your property in??

Use Bellville Tile as your Bellville Flooring Installers and be confident that you have a team member that is working safely with a focus on Quality. And know that once Quality and Safety are taken care of, costs are driven down and your job can be completed on time!

Bellville Flooring Installers From Bellville Tile are required to wear PPE

Here is the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that our team members are required to wear.

Using the wet saw: Earplugs or ear muffs, safety glasses

Using a grinder: Earplugs or ear muffs, safety glasses

Laying tile: Knee pads

Laying Grout or Float: Gloves, Knee pads

A not of caution…  When working with Bellville tile installers, whether with Bellville Tile or not, be safe when removing old tile to ensure that it does not contain asbestos.  Check out this link for more info on this subject:

Asbestos Tile info from the US Government

Ask our competitors what they require their Bellville flooring installers to wear…  Here are their websites so you can call them yourself.

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