Brenham Flooring Contractors

We are the premier choice of the Brenham flooring contractors and those in the Bellville area. We assert this claim with confidence based on the quality of our workmanship, the honest way in which we conduct our business, and the response from our customers.

Bellville Tile strives to continue to be the only real choice among the Brenham flooring contractors by outworking our competition, offering our high quality service at better prices than our competition, and by treating our customers the way they would prefer to be treated.

We excel among the other Brenham flooring contractors through our willingness to teach our customers what to expect. We also ensure that our customers stay happy by sticking with our quoted prices and not demanding to be paid ‘every Friday…’ It is only fair for you to pay us when we are done! We accept that and we will work hard to earn your trust, confidence, and hard earned dollars.

Brenham Flooring Contractors – Why not all are created equal

Constant payment requests

You know by now what sets us apart but what sets our competition apart? Most Brenham flooring contractors are fly by night operations that are just looking for enough money to last them to next Friday. Then the will ask you again, the next Friday, to pay them more.

Lack of attention to detail

We have also found (as we were customers first) that most Brenham flooring contractors just don’t care that much… Their attention to detail is lacking. To us that was irritating at the least, and outright theft at the worst. If you are paying quality dollars, then you deserve Quality work.

Not responsive – Not returning calls

We all recognize that everyone is busy these days, but not returning a phone call in a timely manner for a customer is inexcusable. If you have used Brenham flooring contractors before, or other trades in the area, you know this is a huge problem. Nip this problem in the bud and deal with a team that will return your call in a timely manner if they can’t answer it right away!

Go with Quality and Honesty

Pick Bellville Tile, the most responsive, responsible, and honest of all the Brenham flooring contractors.


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