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Bellville kitchen remodels are never complete without an new back splash. The great thing about these jobs is that Bellville Tile can complete them quickly and for a great price!

Bellville Kitchen Tile

Bellville Kitchen BackSplash Remodel

Often the backsplash portion of kitchen remodels are completed in just two days! That is quick and that is enough time to get the job done right while still working on other tiling projects through the house.

Bellville kitchen backsplashes are a fantastic and affordable way to totally reinvigorate your kitchen!

The little details of Bellville Kitchens

We believe that making a Bellville kitchen look like a million bucks is all in the details.  We don’t think you should have to shell out that much money.  Before we got into the tile business we had a Bellville Kitchen remodel that we were working on…  What we encountered from our recommended and supposedly experienced tile installer was shocking.  Not only did this young man not know what metal profiling is, he didn’t know how to use it, install it, cut it…  We had to teach him ourselves…  And at that time, we were the customer and he was the ‘expert.’

We have since fixed that problem.  Not only is he gone, but we make sure that we educate our customers and do the job right!

Bellville Kitchen - Bellville Tile - Bellville TexasSo, while we are on the topic of doing a Bellville kitchen remodel right…  Here is a picture of a metal profile, notice how it finishes off the top and side of the tile.  These are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens to cover the exposed edge of the tile and grout.  We think it creates a fantastic finish to great job!  Click here for a link to our preferred profile supplier.


These type of profiles really do make the job look complete. This kind of attention to detail is what makes a tile job go from ‘average’ to ‘WOW!!!”

We want a ‘WOW!!!’ from you each and every time we do a Bellville kitchen remodel!

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Call now for a free quote or to schedule a free flooring and/or tile consultation: 713-249-3762