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If you are looking Tiled Patio - Bellville Tilefor something to really make your house the home you dream of, then adding outdoor tile to your patio or pool is the way to go. Adding a tile area outdoors can really take an outdoor space from patio to palace. Tiling outdoors is a great home reno project too as it typically does not interfere with your day to day life and is therefore minimally intrusive!

Bellville Outdoor Tile – Creating Ambience

There is nothing quite like the feel of a custom home with all of the extra attention to detail. We know that kind of feel can be brought to almost any home with the right craftsmanship! So let us bring that to life in your home by transforming your pool or outdoor space with outdoor tile. Another great way to increase the value and style of your home is to add tile to your front entry! You know the look of a concrete driveway that somehow seamlessly runs straight up to your front door… Make a positive change, invite your guests to your home with a tiled entry way!

Tile Entry - Bellville Tile

Pool Tiling – Outdoor Tile

Often times we get the chance to do a the outdoor tile of a pool with the fine folks over at Kanga Pools! Check out their site here!

So if you have a pool and would like to update it from concrete to tile or stone, then let us know!

Outdoor Tile - Bellville Tile - Bellville Texas
A Pool Installed by Kanga Pools of Katy Texas

In the case that you need inspiration for you next outdoor tile project, check out these sites! You can use many different materials to make your project look fantastic and come in at budget! We can help you get there and are willing to work with you to ensure that your next project is affordable!


Call now for a free quote or to schedule a free flooring and/or tile consultation: 713-249-3762